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We offer a wide veriaty of YEAST, FAT AND SUGAR FREE Breads, Artisan, Sourdough, multi-grain, Tuscan, Rosemary, Russian Rye ...


All Types of Cakes for Wedding Ceremonies, Birthday Parties, Religious Ceremonies, Special holidays, Casual Parties for ...


Enjoy our selection of pastries such as, Mini-Donuts, croissants, Sausage Rolls, Pizza Puffs, Spinach and Feta Cheese ...

Hard to pronounce, hard to digest

Everything is made from scratch using sustainable ingredients.

Only 4 ingredients in our bread, Flour, Salt, Yeast and water.

No hard to pronounce ingredients.

Our Story

Since 1971, Westview Bakery has been proudly providing loyal customers with freshly baked breads, pastries, and custom-made cakes for any occasion.

At Westview Bakery, you’ll discover indulgence you can feel good about. Focused on providing quality and healthy products to cater to all appetites and dietary restrictions, Westview Bakery team combine the best ingredients and the freshest ideas to prepare their vast selection for you

We only use sustainable, natural ingredients—we don’t use any kind of chemicals, preservatives or added fats. Offering many options for health-conscious customers, most of Westview Bakery’s products are yeast-free, sugar-free or egg-free in order to accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies.

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